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Film Stock Preset Pack (LIFETIME UPDATES)

Film Stock Preset Pack (LIFETIME UPDATES)

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Buy now to get my 30 x Lightroom Presets with LIFETIME updates.

A lifetime of new presets at no extra cost!
As well as the first 30, new presets are sent to your email given at checkout with EVERY NEW UPDATE, so watch out for new emails with new preset pack add-ons!

Even when the price increases, you retain access to all new updates.

All presets are based on classic film stocks from Kodak, Ilford, Cinestill, Fujifilm and Lomography!

What Are Lightroom Presets?

  • Lightroom Presets enable a drag and drop creative look for your photo editing process.
  • By importing the .xmp file, you import the real data used when I created each preset.
  • With each preset applied, you can see the exact settings I used to create the look.

How Do I Use These Presets?

To use this preset file, follow these very simple steps:

1. Go to File

2. Select 'Import Develop Files and Presets'

3. Locate the .xmp file in your Finder or Windows Explorer - click 'Open'

4. With the files imported, select the preset you like from the LEFT column preset menu.

5. The preset will then be applied to your current selected photo.

How Many Presets Do I Get?

  • This preset pack contains 20 x preset files.
  • Each file is unique with specific characteristics that create individual creative looks.
  • Each preset uses precise exposure adjustments, detail, HSL sliders, color grading, effects and curves.

Can I Use These Presets With Lightroom Mobile?


1. Install Lightroom CC on your desktop or laptop device.

2. Install Lightroom Mobile on your smartphone.

3. Using Lightroom CC on your desktop, import the preset .xmp files.

4. Connect to Creative Cloud and enable your 'sync' settings.

5. On Lightroom Mobile, ensure your Creative Cloud settings are synced with your Creative Cloud account.

6. Select your preset of choice from the preset tab at the bottom-left of your editing display.

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"I use these every single day" - Neil T